Monday, September 22, 2014

Instagram wall!!

Finally,the Instagram wall is complete! I had a few issues when recording the voice over and I founds out that I'm not very good at talking to myself. But I still did it, I promise I'll improve next time but in the mean time here is how I made the wall!
First I saved some Instagram pictures to my computer. 
Inatagram won't let you do it by just right clicking and save as. So what I did was right click, then click inspect element. 
A link to the picture will appear and then all you have to do is click the link and save the picture to your computer. 


I went out the next day to print them out on glossy photo paper. There are a lot of alternatives like Polaroid printers for this but I think that there are websites that you can print the on and have them sent to you. My local photo printing place had square photo printing available so I just went there. 

First I just used a few pictures to map out the placement of the pictures and find out how many I will use. I chose to keep about an inch gap between each picture as I didn't like the look of them all stuck together but this is just a personal preference. 

I did one row and one column roughly then I used a piece of tape to guide the placement of my photos. 

I used 2 pieces of blu-tack on each photo, one on the top middle and one on the bottom middle. 

Then I started to put the photos up using the tape as a guideline so everything is neat. As for the spacing I just eye balled everything as a little error won`t show up much. In total I did 5 rows and 12 columns.

I did kind of arrange my photos to be a bit relevant to the ones beside whether it be by color or by whats in the photo. 
I really like the outcome of the wall and I think that it is a great way of bringing your room to life. It is totally customize-able and that's what I like about this project. It actually tells a lot about a person and it is almost like a story. Another great perk is that it is unisex so anyone can do this to be honest. 

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