Thursday, August 28, 2014

School Essentials

Since most students are going back to school or already back to school, I thought it be impossible for me not to write about some school essentials every girl ( Or maybe boy?) Needs in their school bag.

1. Pens
Everyone needs pens and pencils, or else we wouldn't be able to jot down notes (I hope you do jot notes because even if you don`t read them again, you are more likely to remember everything if you`ve written them down at least once) Of course it is also great to have cute pens but bare in mind that they should write smoothly as well or else you are just going to get frustrated.

2. Notebooks
Notebooks are great for jotting down notes, writing reminders r even just doodling in class if you get bored. It doesn't really matter if you get one thick one and divide it up or a bunch of small ones. Me personally likes to keep them separate as I find thick ones very heavy and bulky.

3. Agenda
Not everyone needs this but when things get hectic these come in handy. I used to give up every few weeks I start one but this time I stuck to it by making it really cute and really fill in all my dates. I think that you should give it a try if you find your self forgetting things and dates clashing a lot. I recommend the Muji plain weekly or monthly planner. They are really nice and the best thing is that you can customize them with stickers and drawings. They are also really light weight.

4. Water bottle
You've got to stay hydrated through out the day and no I do not mean those juice drinks and energy drinks with added sugar and flavorings. I`m talking about H20 (Preferably not distilled water because it has no nutrients and I think it tastes disgusting). 70% of your whole body is made of water so drink up!

5. File
A nice big file will help you get organized for your classes, you can just through everything you need for one class and your good to go. Sometimes if I`m lazy I'll even throw my pens in their so I don`t have to bring a pencil case.

6. A smile
Don`t forget, school is supposed to be fun, even if you hate the classes and the homework, try to think of whats after it. Like you get to hang out with friends after classes, you get to go shopping after finishing your homework. It should be a time in life where we get to find ourselves and make some great friends so why miss out?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Instagram wall : project update

I just got the photos back from the store and they look great, I found out that there're not a hundred percent square but they look square enough. I've also decided to use blu tack to stick it to my wall so I can reuse the pictures if I stop get tired of it. Also so I can swap out the photos if I want to. I'm not actually sure if it is going to stick well but I'm just going to hope for the best. 

I'm going to be away in a beach house for three days next week and I'm thinking of vlogging  it. It's really beautiful they're and just a nice little getaway. I'm not necessarily going to be unplugged but I'll have slow internet so it'll be a nice in-between state where I can not miss out on important things and relax.
I think I'll be doing the wall later today or tomorrow. I want to get it done before I leave so I'm trying to work it into my schedule,but I'll really hoping it will work so wish me luck and have a great day. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Happiness seems like a very big word at times, sometimes it's really easy to put a smile on your face but sometimes turning that frown upside down is the hardest thing in the world. I think that it is important to live a happy life, what is life when you're dreading every day of it. There are so many fun things to live for.

What I like to do when I'm feeling a bit under the weather, I like to first if I really need to, bawl my eyes out, just let out on my emotions.(but not with food ) Then I'll do something that makes feel happy. Sometimes I'll watch a funny movie, if I don't have enough time I'll listen to an upbeat song or watch a funny YouTube video. It doesn't really matter as long as you have fun. However don't do something you'll regret like getting drunk(especially if you're underaged )  eating a whole tub of ice-cream or going shopping and wasting a load of money. This is because when you think back later, you'll ask yourself why did you do that, if you feel really bad about it you'll be unhappy again and the cycle will never end. 

After a few days or until you feel one hundred percent good, you'll want to think why where you unhappy but try doing it positively and try to think what can I do to prevent it from occurring again. 
For example: 
If I was annoyed because someone insulted me, I would tell tell myself to not let it get to me next time and just forget about it as there are many more good things about you then bad, and they were just unlucky to be the one to witness your bad side.

Some things in life just aren't worth it, so just try your best to look on the positive side of things and remember that you are beautiful in your own way and no one can put you down. You are stronger than the people that put you down.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Movie Reveiw : LUCY

I know I`m probably a bit late but last week I went to watch Lucy in cinemas.

It was a really cool movie even though it wasn`t as tense as I would`ve liked it to be. However in the story line, the main topic is actually quite a deep topic that isn`t hard to understand but it does tell us the truth. That we have so much potential we don`t even know.Overall it was a nice movie to watch 
Note: Spoilers!
The story revolves around Lucy (Scarlet Johansson) who is tricked into delivering drugs by her new boyfriend while studying in Tai Pei. The drugs where enclosed in her stomach but when in captivation, she was kicked in the stomach, causing the bag to break open and the drugs leak into her body in a large quantity. This results in her gaining enhanced physical and mental abilities, like knowledge entering her brain unconsciously, photographic memory, telekinesis, etc. With her new found abilities, she escapes and goes to the hospital charging into the surgery room demanding that the drugs get removed from her body. She no longer felt pain, but she could remember everything,even to the point that she still knows what it felt when her bones grew when she was still a fetus in her mothers womb. She then starts to do research and stumbles upon Professor Samuel Norman (Morgan Freeman) that studies the human brain. According to his research, a human only uses up to 10% of the whole capacity of the brain. His research revolves around the estimation of what humans would be able to do if they could use more of the brain. I`m not going to reveal anymore but after that, the movies revolves around the drug dealer trying to get the drugs back , the study of Lucy`s enhanced brain and her be able to use more and more of her brain until she can use it fully.

Through out the movie, there are actually references to the natural world for example, when the Drug Dealer was luring in Lucy to help in deliver his drugs, it corresponded to a tiger trying to capture a deer. 
This made the whole idea of the film very real and that this is the nature of living things.
The most important theme in the movie would be that we only use 10%of our brain which is not even a quarter of the great capacity. Even though we can`t really change that in real life ourselves (CPH4 is a real chemical but not the real name for the one referred to in film), I think it really refers to as how much potential one has that we cannot imagine even within that small amount of our brain that we do use. We can actually never imagine. It`s like when you`re running and you think you can`t run more than let`s say 5km. However if you just run for as long as you can at a steady pace until you really can`t push yourself to run anymore and you have someone else to record how much you`ve ran, you`ll most likely exceed your expectations.
Mental Blocks affect us more than physical blocks do, we think we can`t do it but in reality we can, it`s just that we make ourselves believe that we can`t.

All in all we have so much potential not even you know how much that is, so as long as we strive hard to achieve that goal, we will get there. So don`t give up!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Instagram Wall

      Recently I`ve been going round Pinterest an basically the internet and I've seen so many of these wall arts where many square photos have been hung up, to be more specific they're Instagram walls. 
So since I have a very naked wall beside my bed I`ve been thinking about making one my own. However I`ve seen so many variations of it that I can't really decide which one I want to make. There are these ones where you hang up some twine and glue on clothes pegs and clip the photos on. 
Some are just pinned to a cork board, some are glued on to a frame and some are just glued to the wall.

The type of photos I`m using are mainly pictures with memories of me and my friends and some with just beautiful scenery and basically nice pictures with things I love.
       I think that it is a great idea for not only wall art but just a photo book that you can see everyday and can remember all the great times you had and the things you love.