Monday, September 29, 2014

Life Goes On

Today I'd like to talk about a more inspirational topic. Life goes on no matter what the clock will never stop and wait for you so sometimes you have to deal with things you don't want to deal with, The roller coaster won't stop until it's time for you to get off and go to another ride. However while it is still going, you are the one that builds the tracks. Be hard working and go up or be lazy and go down it's our own decision. This post won't be long but I think it is the little things in life that motivate us.
Just remember even if your heal breaks, just keep walking and you'll get there.
Photo Credit to Pinterest

Have fun

Monday, September 22, 2014

Instagram wall!!

Finally,the Instagram wall is complete! I had a few issues when recording the voice over and I founds out that I'm not very good at talking to myself. But I still did it, I promise I'll improve next time but in the mean time here is how I made the wall!
First I saved some Instagram pictures to my computer. 
Inatagram won't let you do it by just right clicking and save as. So what I did was right click, then click inspect element. 
A link to the picture will appear and then all you have to do is click the link and save the picture to your computer. 


I went out the next day to print them out on glossy photo paper. There are a lot of alternatives like Polaroid printers for this but I think that there are websites that you can print the on and have them sent to you. My local photo printing place had square photo printing available so I just went there. 

First I just used a few pictures to map out the placement of the pictures and find out how many I will use. I chose to keep about an inch gap between each picture as I didn't like the look of them all stuck together but this is just a personal preference. 

I did one row and one column roughly then I used a piece of tape to guide the placement of my photos. 

I used 2 pieces of blu-tack on each photo, one on the top middle and one on the bottom middle. 

Then I started to put the photos up using the tape as a guideline so everything is neat. As for the spacing I just eye balled everything as a little error won`t show up much. In total I did 5 rows and 12 columns.

I did kind of arrange my photos to be a bit relevant to the ones beside whether it be by color or by whats in the photo. 
I really like the outcome of the wall and I think that it is a great way of bringing your room to life. It is totally customize-able and that's what I like about this project. It actually tells a lot about a person and it is almost like a story. Another great perk is that it is unisex so anyone can do this to be honest. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014



Last week was my first week back to school and boy it was fun! (note: sarcasm alert!!) With new electives and already starting the High School Diploma Curriculum has been quite tough. Homework is already starting to pile up and I`ve already taken two quizzes. I was always a person that didn't feel stress much even near exams. I do get nervous and stuff but I don`t get stressed that much. However the last few exams I've it's been really getting to me with the expectations of others and the thought of how my studies will actually affect my life.

Last Sunday I practically had a nervous breakdown? or was it a panic attack? I wasn`t sure. The whole day I spent doing my homework and decorating a cake for a party the following day ( my mom doesn't know how and the previous day I had other stuff to do). I was basically finished with most of the homework that night but I still had to make a powerpoint because I was running to be one in the committee of my house (school houses). I didn't know what to type in because I didn`t want to brag and have all my awards listed out but then I didn't know what else I could type. Then I started to panic my heart was beating so loud and I still had a bit of homework. My mind went pretty much blank losing all problem solving skills and stuff like that. It was like that for quite a few minutes and I was sat in my room still asking friend what should I type for the powerpoint till she started joking about everything was when I started to snap out of it. It has actually happened before and there where times where it was even more serious. I would just started thinking super negative even if it had absolutely nothing to do with what I was doing. Sometimes I'd just break down and cry in my room, there was no reason for it but I would just started bawling my eyes out and thinking really negative.

I have yet found an absolute solution for this but one of the things I like to do is first try as hard as possible to think of something positive. Then I will scroll on my social media in hope of something that is funny that will be able to cheer me up. If that doesn't work I'll go on youtube and and watch a prank video. It as long as something makes me out, it pulls me out of the mood just enough so that I can get myself together. It doesn't always work and if it doesn't I will try and keep on doing what I have to do, I might cry while I do so and the work might get be really bad but when it's done I'll slowly start to feel better.

Stress isn't necessarily a bad thing as it can motivate you to do things but too much is never a good sign. I think that taking frequent short breaks can help. I also like to give myself to work for, maybe to watch a film, some food etc. Whats most important is finding something that works for you whether it is music or water etc. Preventing too much stress is always better than having to deal with a lot of it. A crucial thing as well with me is too stop procrastinating because too if you do too much everything will be left to last minute then you will get stressed out easily.

Overall just try to make fun out of everything. It's hard but it is worth a try.

Have fun

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

School Supplies Haul + Random Stuff


Over the last few weeks of summer, I started to stock up on back to school supplies and since now that I look back at my last post I think it was kinda rubbish so I thought I`d make another bake to school post.

*Disclaimer: I`m not bragging about what I've bought I know that there are a lot of people who can`t afford this and people that can afford a lot more. This is just so you can see what I like to have for school to give you an idea of what to buy and stuff like that. And I do actually use every pen till I can`t use it anymore, even though it may take me ages but I eventually do get through them.

With that said let's get in to the haul!

School Supplies

First I got a bunch of colored pens. I really like to write my notes in different colors so everything is more organized. I also do this because it is pretty and it makes me want to revise more. (well at least I think it does) I also use them in my schedule book so everything is clear.

These pens were so cute I couldn't resist on getting them, they were in a set and have matte finish which makes me like them even more.

These pens caught my attention because the colors where really nice and each pen is very slim so they don`t take up much space in my pencil case.

I also got a bunch of really cute notebooks to write notes in. I actually think I might have gone over board but I`ll eventually get to use them. I'm also starting to like notebooks without the spirals as when I stack them with other books they take up more space and sometimes get caught between other spirals.

Sticky notes because I`m not a very organized person so having notes everywhere to remind me of  things to do. One of them is like a roll of tape but paper so I can have custom sized notes.

I found this very cute and useful little vocabulary online as well. The book has sections to write down the definition, an example etc. of different vocabulary items. It also comes with plastic sheet that has holes so you can cover up the explanation or vocabulary to aid you in revision.

A protractor because I need this for math and geography and I tend to lose them often.

This pencil wrap thing was something that also caught my eye, I really liked the style of it and it would be great for bringing a few pens out.

Highlighters! I actually didn't get all of these at once but I really wanted all the colors so I got the remaining ones this time. Highlighters are essential for notes and studying.

Last in the list of school supplies is a pen, some correction fluid and some pen refills. I particularly like this correction fluid because it is also very slim so it doesn't take up much space. I like pen refills a lot because they're cheaper and I don't have to waste the plastic case.

Random Stuff

Tic Tacs! I've never tried this flavour before and strawberry is my favourite fruit ever so I thought I'd try some. 

They taste like marshmallows!

I love cute stickers for my schedule book as it encourages me to use it more. I got these two this time as they both weren't too big and they weren't to thick either. (some stickers are raised and have thickness)

Last of all the best thing I've ever seen. A bracelet but wait a minute, it's not just any old bracelet, it is maid of elastic so you can use it to tie up you hair. No more plain black hair ties on your wrist!

So that is what I got for school. I hope this helps you with any back to school shopping left or just what you bring to school and any shopping in the future.

Have Fun