Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Maze Runner

I watched The Maze Runner last week and boy was it good!! It was really tense, my friend and I were grabbing each others arms so tightly all through out the whole movie. Just a little note but I have not read the book yet so I went in with only what the trailer gave me. The book didn't interest me that much, I think it might be because I'm not that into such tense action books. For example, the hunger games where OK but not the best I've read. This is just my opinion the book is a fantastic one but it isn't so interesting that I get obsessed. For me ones that I really got into were Divergent and Uglies, they both had very deep content that I really like. Especially because they have a lot of intimate scenes and the story is a lot more complicated than what it seems like and they both sort of go into the brain of a human and how they have altered it in the dystopian society. However I can really see myself liking the Maze Runner, it will be different for me though as it is so intense. Of course this is just my preference in Y.A. fiction.
Back to the movie, it was really action all the way through, as they were in danger pretty much all the way through. Every time they entered the maze it was like they were going to die even though you pretty much know they won't since there is a sequel. The actors were great in it and I couldn't ask for a better actor to play Thomas, he looked so normal yet was so special. When I was watching the movie I just kept Imagining Thomas who played Newt as Peter Pan as he looked just like a really life one and his accent was just so good. I also loved his character, despite being so young (well at least he looked very young ) he was so wise. I remember that he said something like 'we're going into the maze, because if we don't give it a try then Alby died for nothing and I can't have that. 
' I'd rather risk my life out there than stay in here forever. ' was one of the main quotes for me and I think the saying was perfect. We only do live once and we should be able to live freely without being controlled. Even if it won't be as peaceful and safe, we really do only have a maximum of about a hundred years if we're lucky, which actually isn't much. The only big issue about the film is that I really didn't like the greivers they were so disgusting and horrible I think they're supposed to be like that. I would also really love to know how they do all the CGI and the animations to make monsters in such movies so realistic.
Overall it was a great intense movie and it is for all ages (Well teenagers and up, it is not really much of a child's film XD). Also it isn't that scary, only that the greivers were a bit disgusting.

Have Fun

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