Saturday, November 15, 2014

Time Management tip: To Do List + Diy Dry Erase To Do List

I admit I'm very bad at time management and many of you will too. The only thing I excel in in time management is to wake up on time and not sleep to late because I was raised to always get in bed no later than 11;00 on school nights and 12:00 on weekends and I will feel very guilty if I'm late for something so I always wake up on time. Then the list ends.

Recently I've been trying to get more organized, writing down everything I need to do on a little dry erase board that I carry with me to school. It's helping me remember things I have to do and helping finish them before the deadline. It's also a very easy DIY to make. 

Things You'll Need:
Scrapbook Paper 
Scissors (optional)
Laminating Sleeve
White Board Marker 

1. Cut out your paper to you desired shape, I had mine to fit my file so it was about 18cm by 25cm. You can keep it A4 if you would like it. Make sure that your paper is light in color and the pattern isn't to eye catching as you will need to be able to see the writing on it.
2. Write 'To Do List' on a piece of paper ,cut it out and stick it on the top of the scrapbook paper.
3. Slip it in to a laminating sleeve and laminate it, if you can't do it at home, I think some photo printing stores do do them.  
4. Cut the excess plastic off.
5. Write away with your dry erase marker!

It doesn't necessarily have to be a to do list board but that was what mine was.

have fun
- agnes

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