Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Instagram Wall

      Recently I`ve been going round Pinterest an basically the internet and I've seen so many of these wall arts where many square photos have been hung up, to be more specific they're Instagram walls. 
So since I have a very naked wall beside my bed I`ve been thinking about making one my own. However I`ve seen so many variations of it that I can't really decide which one I want to make. There are these ones where you hang up some twine and glue on clothes pegs and clip the photos on. 
Some are just pinned to a cork board, some are glued on to a frame and some are just glued to the wall.

The type of photos I`m using are mainly pictures with memories of me and my friends and some with just beautiful scenery and basically nice pictures with things I love.
       I think that it is a great idea for not only wall art but just a photo book that you can see everyday and can remember all the great times you had and the things you love.

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