Thursday, August 28, 2014

School Essentials

Since most students are going back to school or already back to school, I thought it be impossible for me not to write about some school essentials every girl ( Or maybe boy?) Needs in their school bag.

1. Pens
Everyone needs pens and pencils, or else we wouldn't be able to jot down notes (I hope you do jot notes because even if you don`t read them again, you are more likely to remember everything if you`ve written them down at least once) Of course it is also great to have cute pens but bare in mind that they should write smoothly as well or else you are just going to get frustrated.

2. Notebooks
Notebooks are great for jotting down notes, writing reminders r even just doodling in class if you get bored. It doesn't really matter if you get one thick one and divide it up or a bunch of small ones. Me personally likes to keep them separate as I find thick ones very heavy and bulky.

3. Agenda
Not everyone needs this but when things get hectic these come in handy. I used to give up every few weeks I start one but this time I stuck to it by making it really cute and really fill in all my dates. I think that you should give it a try if you find your self forgetting things and dates clashing a lot. I recommend the Muji plain weekly or monthly planner. They are really nice and the best thing is that you can customize them with stickers and drawings. They are also really light weight.

4. Water bottle
You've got to stay hydrated through out the day and no I do not mean those juice drinks and energy drinks with added sugar and flavorings. I`m talking about H20 (Preferably not distilled water because it has no nutrients and I think it tastes disgusting). 70% of your whole body is made of water so drink up!

5. File
A nice big file will help you get organized for your classes, you can just through everything you need for one class and your good to go. Sometimes if I`m lazy I'll even throw my pens in their so I don`t have to bring a pencil case.

6. A smile
Don`t forget, school is supposed to be fun, even if you hate the classes and the homework, try to think of whats after it. Like you get to hang out with friends after classes, you get to go shopping after finishing your homework. It should be a time in life where we get to find ourselves and make some great friends so why miss out?

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