Saturday, August 16, 2014

Movie Reveiw : LUCY

I know I`m probably a bit late but last week I went to watch Lucy in cinemas.

It was a really cool movie even though it wasn`t as tense as I would`ve liked it to be. However in the story line, the main topic is actually quite a deep topic that isn`t hard to understand but it does tell us the truth. That we have so much potential we don`t even know.Overall it was a nice movie to watch 
Note: Spoilers!
The story revolves around Lucy (Scarlet Johansson) who is tricked into delivering drugs by her new boyfriend while studying in Tai Pei. The drugs where enclosed in her stomach but when in captivation, she was kicked in the stomach, causing the bag to break open and the drugs leak into her body in a large quantity. This results in her gaining enhanced physical and mental abilities, like knowledge entering her brain unconsciously, photographic memory, telekinesis, etc. With her new found abilities, she escapes and goes to the hospital charging into the surgery room demanding that the drugs get removed from her body. She no longer felt pain, but she could remember everything,even to the point that she still knows what it felt when her bones grew when she was still a fetus in her mothers womb. She then starts to do research and stumbles upon Professor Samuel Norman (Morgan Freeman) that studies the human brain. According to his research, a human only uses up to 10% of the whole capacity of the brain. His research revolves around the estimation of what humans would be able to do if they could use more of the brain. I`m not going to reveal anymore but after that, the movies revolves around the drug dealer trying to get the drugs back , the study of Lucy`s enhanced brain and her be able to use more and more of her brain until she can use it fully.

Through out the movie, there are actually references to the natural world for example, when the Drug Dealer was luring in Lucy to help in deliver his drugs, it corresponded to a tiger trying to capture a deer. 
This made the whole idea of the film very real and that this is the nature of living things.
The most important theme in the movie would be that we only use 10%of our brain which is not even a quarter of the great capacity. Even though we can`t really change that in real life ourselves (CPH4 is a real chemical but not the real name for the one referred to in film), I think it really refers to as how much potential one has that we cannot imagine even within that small amount of our brain that we do use. We can actually never imagine. It`s like when you`re running and you think you can`t run more than let`s say 5km. However if you just run for as long as you can at a steady pace until you really can`t push yourself to run anymore and you have someone else to record how much you`ve ran, you`ll most likely exceed your expectations.
Mental Blocks affect us more than physical blocks do, we think we can`t do it but in reality we can, it`s just that we make ourselves believe that we can`t.

All in all we have so much potential not even you know how much that is, so as long as we strive hard to achieve that goal, we will get there. So don`t give up!


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